Ten reasons to love weddings


1. The groom’s expression when he first spots his bride. I haven’t been disappointed with any of these yet. So grooms if you think no-one is watching you when the bride marches in then think again! On the plus side if your tongue hangs out, you make an eyes wide and circular mouthed ‘ooo’ response or just produce the sappiest grin you never knew you could make, those of us watching you will think it’s rather endearing. If you roll your eyes at your bride’s firework tiara or zombie make-up then maybe rethink whether or not this is the woman for you before you commit yourself with the vows.

2. Everyone is so happy. Or at least at the weddings I’ve been at. I’ve yet to attend one where the bride’s divorced mother and father try to set each other alight with romantic candles or the best man punches the second usher who happens to be the brides brother-in-law after some inappropriate remark, but I’m sure these things must happen.

3. That moment of suspense when the vicar or registrar or whoever asks whether anyone has any objections. Although I know this is unlikely and recognize it really would spoil the wedding I can’t help but eagerly squirm around in my chair to see if anyone is feeling objectionable or hope that the groom’s pre-existing but previously unknown wife comes bursting through the door or something.

4. The wedding dress. I’m sure some brides wear terrible outfits for their own wedding, but on the whole the bride tends to look the loveliest you have ever seen her before. Truly worthy of the ‘ooo’ face the groom is making at the other end of the aisle.

5. Wedding outfits of everyone else. Generally men all look rather dapper in a suit but there is a whole range of options for female guests, members of the bridal party etc that are a feast for the eyes and a source of much amusement as you bravely voice loud approval of the bride’s mums outfit or silently whisper to a friend your condemnation of something another guest is wearing.

6. The ceremony. I like every part of this, I like thinking about why the couple have chosen the readings they have and why certain people have been asked to say certain things. I like hearing the vows and noting the way the couple support each other as they do this. I like heartily agreeing, with the rest of the guests, that we’ll help support the newlyweds in their marriage and really meaning this. I like feeling the love.

7. The free food and drink. Given my passion for eating and drinking you’d think me remiss if I failed to put this in my top ten. Obviously it’s not the best thing about a wedding (if it is that doesn’t say a whole lot about the special day) and I’d still want to go even if I had to pay for all my own beverages and refreshment but I like the drinks on the arrival, the wine at the table and a nice meal shared with happy people whom you may or may not know.

8. The singing. Not always a component of every wedding, tends not to feature so much in civil ceremonies but I do love the opportunity to belt out a song in unison with others, which I tend to otherwise only get the opportunity once a year with Christmas Carols. So long as everyone is singing loudly it really doesn’t matter if you can’t actually sing or not, it’s just fun to all do it together.

9. The dancing. The little ones running around in circles or playing hide and seek behind their mums, the dads breaking out the dance moves, the increasingly drunk guests bouncing around and pretending drunken stumbles were part of the moves they were trying to pull off.

10. Speeches. These are best enjoyed if I’m not giving them. Even if speeches are awful it’s fun to dissect them afterwards and talk about just how awful they were. The Best Man definitely has the hardest job in trying to be amusing without upsetting anyone, remembering to acknowledge the bride and resisting the urge to go too much into a bromance ode of love to the groom, a bit of emotion is nice, wailing throughout the duration so that no-one can hear what you are saying isn’t fun for anyone. Tough gig.



17 thoughts on “Ten reasons to love weddings

  1. All great reasons to love weddings. I’m glad you mentioned the ceremony. Too often people don’t attend or just seem to focus on the reception, while the ceremony is really the most important part of the day.


    • The reception without the ceremony is just a good party, it’s the ceremony and the declaration of love for one another that makes the whole day so special. I understand you can’t always invite people to the whole thing for one reason or another but if there wasn’t space for me for dinner but they could fit me in the church I’d happily just go to the ceremony and then if I was invited come back later for the party part.

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  2. You have really hit the nail on the head here with these! I agree with you on all of them, especially the dad dancing and the free food and drink! I too love seeing the Groom’s face when he first sees the Bride. Lovely 🙂


  3. The last few weddings I’ve been to the bride and groom came in together.
    Going to my cousin’s in July. I’ve never even met the groom before! Actually, I haven’t seen my cousin for about…. 15 years?


    • I’ve never seen that happen before.
      Sounds like your cousin’s wedding could be interesting, nice to get the invite and a chance to catch up with family I’m guessing you don’t see too often.


        • The only non-UK wedding I’ve been to so far was organised by an English couple in Portugal so they still factored in the walking down the aisle part. For civil weddings in the UK it’s often the norm too although I did go to one where the couple walked in together.


  4. johnwillismorrison

    A beautiful list, but I’m sad eating and drinking wasn’t number 1. By far the best experience I had was working an open bar wedding at the Irish Cultural Center in San Francisco. Just give them some Jameson and Guinness and watch. The Irish will go wild…and who knows what you’re bound to see.


    • I’ve never thought what it must be like to watch a wedding from the other side. You must have seen some interesting things. Did the Irish mix the Jameson and Guinness in one drink or was that too crazy even for them?


  5. I work for a catering company, and have witnessed hundreds of weddings.
    I still tear up during some of the speeches (especially the father of the bride ones).
    “That look” the groom gets when he first sees his bride, never gets old.
    Great post!


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