Ten reasons to give up and go back to bed


1. Your cat decided that she would prefer to do her business in the shower than in the cat litter box and consequently you are forced to clean cat poop out of the bath before you have even properly woken up.

2. You drop the razor in the recently cleaned shower and although it doesn’t actually do you any damage it scares the bejebus out of you and shakes you up for the rest of the day wondering how long it would be before your cat discovered you naked in the shower and bleeding from inexplicable razor wounds to the knees and ankles. You would hope your cat would not have returned to do her business once again.

3. You tried to get dressed for work opting for the nice skirt suit you had laid out the night before but, after putting on not one, not two but three pairs of tights that either already had holes or quickly gained some, you concede defeat and wear trousers.

4. Cycling to work, one of your comfortable shoes, that you specifically chose for being easy to ride in, falls off in the middle of the road and your pedal then viciously attacks the back of your ankle and makes it bleed.

pedal attack - bp image

5. On arriving at work you remember that the document you have been furiously working on and took home to work on the previous night, remains lodged in the memory stick… at the back of the laptop…on your desk… at home.

6. You go to make a cup of tea at work and are upset that of the ten boxes of tea in the cupboard, these all turn out to be various herbal offerings including fennel and chamomile but all you want is just a normal cup of tea. You are forced to settle for an unsatisfactory green tea.

7. You manage to knock your unsatisfactory cup of green tea and it spills all over your phone, you are forced to spend some ten minutes frantically drying the device on your scarf as the nearest thing to hand and praying to the gods of technology that the essential device will survive the experience.

8. Your scarf, which was white, is now covered in unsatisfactory green tea and it’s cold in the office and you want to wear it rather than leaving it to soak in the work bathroom’s sink.

9. You realise you absolutely do not have time to attend the interesting work-related but not wholly essential meeting taking place that afternoon that you have been looking forward to for a week.

10. You heat up your homemade leftover-for-a-while soup at lunch to discover that contrary to previously held beliefs, yes, vegetable soup can go off after a week and taste very very bad. You try to eat it anyway.


25 thoughts on “Ten reasons to give up and go back to bed

  1. Oh dear! I guess that was a blue Monday? That said, you did make me laugh – I can relate to all of those things in different guises. I hope that when you got home you were able to relax over a glass or two of wine and that today is much, much better!

    Oh, by the way, I now use Drop Box and a memory stick. I once prepared a presentation and left the memory stick on my desk and only discovered that it was MIA when I was two hours away from home and half an hour away from the meeting. Fortunately, I was able ask a colleague to go to my desk (in my home office – and the cleaner was in, that day), and she uploaded it to Drop Box and I could retrieve it on my tablet. The client was none the wiser!!! Phew!


    • I’ve definitely had better days! This morning wasn’t great but I’m on better ground now and feeling in a much better mood this afternoon.

      Glad your colleague was able to help with your potential presentation disaster, that would have been awful! Normally I’m super paranoid about forgetting documents when working in multiple locations so I constantly email them to myself and save in a million different locations so I usually end up with about 75 versions (which can be a problem in itself) but apparently sometimes I forget to do any of that. At least it wasn’t urgently required for a meeting though and my home isn’t too far away.

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    • It is a constant problem here because no-one seems to understand that normal tea is essential and all other teas should be treated as occasional variety options. We never run out of coffee, I think it’s tea-ism! Apparently Fennel tea is good for digestion, no good for stress at their not being any normal tea though 🙂


  2. Haha, sorry but this made me laugh! One morning I took a vanilla pudding in for my breakfast and, on opening it, discovered it smelled and tasted funny. So no breakfast for me. It wasn’t even out of date either 😦


    • That’s fair enough, I’ll probably laugh more about it all in a couple of days! The pudding incident sounds very disappointing and doubly annoying when there’s no way you could have anticipated that. I probably should have realised vegetable soup wouldn’t last forever.


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