About Me

I’m an aspiring writer, philanthropist, saviour of the universe and lottery winner (not necessarily in that order). However, I haven’t achieved any of these things just yet but I do now have a blog so that’s something!
I’ve now passed 30 but still wondering at what point I will actually feel like a real grown-up. I think I carry off a pretty good impression of an actual adult but constantly worry I will be found out for the childlike fraudster I am! I hope to discover that there is no such a thing as grown-up but everyone else is pretending too but I can’t ask anyone to prove my theory as that would give the game away!
So in 2014 I moved from London to Geneva and then in 2016 across the Swiss border to France. Transitioning had it’s ups and downs but on the whole it’s been a fairly positive experience. I have two cats (yes, I am a crazy cat lady) and one husband (crazy cat man).
Recently I also started a feminist blog with a couple of friends and you can find that at www.podoftheirown.com.



19 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Congrats on the new job and a following fiance! Two of my friends have lived and worked in Geneva. It sounds like a really terrific place to make some excellent professional connections — and enjoy a new country.


  2. Thanks for following my silly page!
    I am also almost 30 (turning 29 in three weeks) and still not ready to grow up. You never have to, in fact. It’s an urban myth.
    I dig your site. Glad you found me.


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